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Monday, June 12, 2006

Nail Biting History

Nail Biting History -Nail Biting History

Quick Tip
From Julyne Derrick,Your Guide to Beauty. There are lots of ways to discourage nail biting. Here are some of the most interesting tricks that I have come across. They range from the most obvious, to the most unusual.

*The Bribe:
In the early sixties, it was quite common for parents to bribe their children to stop. A lowly sum of 25 cents a week was quite popular.

*A Little Pain:
Keeping a elastic band around the wrist was another trick that was popular. Every time you find you find yourself nibbling... you snap it. As an recovered nail biter, I don't think I like this one.

*A Tennis Ball:
Keeping the hands occupied was another trick that often worked. It seems that if the hands had something to do, the nails were left alone.

*Paint Them Nasty:
There are products still on the market that you paint onto the nails and the nasty taste is supposed to make you quit. I do remember... it did taste horrible, but it still didn't stop me. Once you managed to get rid of the taste, you tended to forget until the next time. Hopefully it will work for others.

*Chew Gum:
This actually makes sense. If you are busy chewing gum, you are less likely to nibble.
*Keeping Them Polished:
It seems that nails that have been groomed will slow down the urge to bite. It might have something to do with the sudden improvement in the appearance of the nails.

Probable Reasons For Nail Biting

This is a common cause especially in teens. The stress if school and the statis of their social life can usually be blamed.

This can affect any age group. You find yourself with nothing to do and before you know it, you start nibbling.

This reason is the likely cause for young children. TheThey have gone through the pacifier stage or thumb sucking stage and have progressed to the nails.

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