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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Setting Goals to Create Positive Habits.

Break your habits

In this lesson, you have steps 13 and 14 of
Lee Milteer's 14 "How To's" of Setting Goals to Create Positive

These are the final two of the 14 tips in this e-course.

Review your goals monthly. The first day of the month is the perfect
time to set up a ritual goal-reviewing. This should be the time that
you can be honest with yourself on what goals you are really committed
to and how you can improve your strategies. You must also be honest
with yourself on what goals are only paper dreams if you aren't really
going to pay the price to achieve them.

Have persistence. Persistence is the real key to successful goal
achievement. Don't allow yourself to become distracted with excuses
about why things can't be done. Excuses are the enemies of goal

I hope you were able to try out the 14 steps sent over the past few
days. If not, please take some time to do so. You might just
surprise yourself.

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