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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Setting Goals to Create Positive Habits

Positive habits

In this lesson, you have steps 11 and 12 of
Lee Milteer's 14 "How To's" of Setting goals to create Positive Habits

Make your goals realistic and congruent. You have to make your goals
attainable or you will give up on them. Don't set unrealistic goals
for yourself if you know in your heart you're not willing to pay the
price for achieving them. Setting yourself up for failure will only
cause frustration and cause you to lose confidence in yourself.
(Example: Do not set yourself up for failure by trying to
lose weight on your vacation or by trying to lose 20 pounds in
one month.)

Keep your goals to yourself. If you are excited and charged up about
your dreams, you'll want to share this information. Don't -- too
often you'll hear how everyone else has failed while trying what
you want to do. Their negative energy and opinions will sabotage your
enthusiasm and faith in your abilities.

In our culture we are given the subtle message that "other" people
are smarter than we are. If you share your dreams with people who
are not part of your support system, they will undermine your
so keep your own council. Keep your dreams to yourself so you do not
scatter your creative energy. Tell your dreams only to people who
you, are happy for you, and believe in your abilities.

List the people in your support group:





That's all for now ... Remember that these 14 Steps are covered
fully in Lee Milteer's Course "Habit Busting: A 21 Day Program
to Break Any Habit"


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