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Friday, March 24, 2006

Habits and goals go hand and hand

Habit busting secrets

In this lesson, you'll find steps 9 and 10 of
Lee Milteer's 14 "How To's" of Setting Goals to Create Positive

If you've been applying the suggestions of steps 1 thru 8,
you are well on your way to understanding the power of using
your subconscious mind to create new positive habits.

Write your goals as if they have already occurred. Try writing,
"I now weigh ______," rather than "I want to weigh ______."
This allows your subconscious mind to see the end result.

Develop confidence in yourself and your abilities. Stay "sold on
yourself." Listen to motivational CDs and tapes daily in your car.
Do your declarations daily, and control your self-talk. Tackle every
activity without giving any recognition to the possibility of defeat.
Focus on your strengths instead of your weaknesses. Recognize and
honor your personal point of power found in this moment. Develop a
determination to follow through on your goals regardless of obstacles,
circumstances, or criticism.

That's all for now ... Remember that these 14 Steps are covered
fully in Lee Milteer's Course "Habit Busting: A 21 Day Program
to Break Any Habit"

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