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Friday, March 31, 2006

Habit busting - A review

Habit Busting- A review

How many of you deal with behaviors that control your life everyday?I for one am one of them. So is 99% of the human race. Humans by nature are prone to habits such as nail biting, smoking, procrastination, lying and many many more habits that control us subconsciously every minute of everyday.

Ask a smoker if they would be willing to stop smoking for 1 day or not eat.Most likely they will tell you. "I won't eat as long as I have my cigarettes". A smoker actually plans their day around smoking. When are they going to be able to have a cigarette.

This is the same with many habits. Nail biting is often done subconsciously. The persondoesn't even realize they are doing it. It just happens. Fortunately there is help. I founda program that guarantees that you can break any habit in 21 days or less. It is written by professional personal coach Lee Milteer. Called "Habit Busting - A 21 Day program".Lee is world renown for her work with many top CEO's from mega companies suchas Disney, AT&T, IBM and Ford. These CEO's have learned to break their bad habitsand replace them with good productive habits.

With me I would chew my nails to the point where they would hurt and bleed. It was trerrible!It hurt to even pick up something. I was embarrass to shake someone's hand. Afraid of what they would think. After many attempts to stop. Using nasty tasting creams, wearing gloves and what ever else you can imagine to try to stop biting my nails. Nothing worked!! Until I foundLee's habit busting program. Her program included several audio cd's that you can listento almost anywhere. Along with the audio is included a workbook which helps you comprehend and remember what she tells you in the audio. The cd's are very well done. Nice and clear and easy to understand. She goes though every step needed to break your habits including a detailed Action Plan, containing information on things like:

The #1 most critical step to success

  • How many times your subconscious mind must hear new material to learn and integrate it into your existing belief system
  • How and when to reward yourself for more effective results
  • Why mistakes are natural, inevitable and critical to the process
  • How to leave the past in the past; the past doen't equal the future
  • The difference between life giving and life removing habits
  • How to take inventory of your life giving and life removing habits
  • What is the root of procrastination and how to overcome it
  • Why you and almost everyone you know is programmed to fail and what to do about it
  • How to use your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy most effectively to achieve your goals
  • How the law of inertia has prevented you from breaking bad habits in the past
  • The foundation of all bad habits and how to overcome it
  • Why will-power isn't enough to break bad habits
  • What is the right support system and how to create it
  • How to engage in a healthy catharsis of your negative thoughts and feelings
  • How to take advantage of being a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Why visualization isn't just fru-fru hullabaloo

    ... plus much more!

    The great thing is if you miss a point or feel that you need more reinforcement you can listen to the cd's has much as needed.

    If you really want to break your habits I really recommend "Habit Busting - A 21 Day Program"by lee Milteer. Give it a shot you will not be disappointed. You can get your copy at http://www.breakyourhabits.com


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